Amino Acids

Eating a variety of plant-based, protein-rich whole foods will get you to the same endpoint: delivering all of the essential amino acids your body needs in order to do its thing - Leigh-Anne Wooten

Amino Acids

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We're All Born from the Same 20 Amino Acids, So Can't We All Just Get Along?

Life on Earth is complex and varied, but every living organism on the planet builds its proteins from the same set of 20 amino acids. All proteins in a human body, for example, are made up of some combination of the 20 common amino acids. But how exactly did that happen? Chemists say they might finally have some answers.

“How chemistry led to complex life is one of the most fascinating questions that mankind has pondered,” says Luke Leman, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry at Scripps Research, in a press statement. “There are a lot of theories about the origins of proteins but not so much experimental laboratory support for these ideas.”

One of the crucial ways to study…

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