Our cells engage in protein production, and many of those proteins are enzymes responsible for the chemistry of life - Randy Schekman


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The World of Enzymes

While people are often talking about digestion when referring to enzymes, and this connection is totally right, the world of enzymes extends beyond digestion too. An enzyme pioneer, Anthony J. Cichoke, DC, PhD famously coined enzymes as ‘Sparks of Life’. “Enzymes are all around us – in every animal and every plant. In fact, anything that is alive needs enzymes to function”.

Enzymes cause biological reactions in the body – breathing, digestion, growth, reproduction, blood coagulation, healing, combatting disease. They are constantly regenerating, repairing and protecting us (Jamang, 2016).

For further support on this point Dr. Edward Howell, author of Enzyme Nutrition, wrote:…

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