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Why neglecting your teeth could be seriously bad for your health

The idea that bacteria or inflammatory chemicals released by immune cells in the gums can enter the bloodstream and influence the behaviour of other tissues or organs is known as the mouth-body connection. “The mouth is not disconnected from the rest of the body,” says Francesco D’Aiuto, senior lecturer at the Eastman Dental Institute in London. Although it’s too early to say for sure that gum disease directly causes other more serious illnesses, “people should not underestimate what the body senses when the mouth is neglected”.

The mouth-body connection is not a new idea. Indeed, Hippocrates attributed a case of arthritis being cured to the pulling of a tooth. In 1900, a British doctor…

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 Why neglecting your teeth could be seriously bad for your health

It’s no secret that a lackadaisical approach to dental care leads to fillings and gum disease, but the latest evidence suggests it could also cause diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


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Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that support the teeth and is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.

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