Oral Health Epidemic

What amounts to a “silent epidemic” of oral diseases is affecting our most vulnerable citizens — poor children, the elderly, and many members of racial and ethnic minority groups - Surgeon General David Satcher

Oral Health Epidemic
Oral Health Epidemic

image by: Dental Health Services Victoria

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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Planet

As a dentist, Thomas Nabors was attentive to his own mouth and he took good care of his teeth. But he was also acutely aware of the role that bacteria plays in oral health, and he had seen numerous studies linking gum disease to heart problems. So even though he didn’t have other cardiovascular risk factors—he wasn’t overweight and never smoked—he decided to undergo testing. It may have saved his life: he discovered that his carotid arteries were clogged, restricting blood flow, and the vessel walls were inflamed. It meant that he had a 50-50 chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Oral bacteria were found amidst the plaque inside Nabors’ heart vessels, making it a likely source…

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 Healthy Mouth, Healthy Planet

Oral health is a global challenge. So how do we develop a global solution?


Despite great achievements in oral health of populations globally, problems still remain in many communities all over the world - particularly among under-privileged groups in developed and developing countries.

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