Oral Lesions

Diagnosis of oral ulcerative lesions might be quite challenging - Hamed Mortazavi

Oral Lesions

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What Are Mouth Sores, and Why Do They Happen?

Your mouth is a complicated ecosystem of components that work together to allow you to speak, chew, swallow and a host of other important functions. And as with many other intricate organisms, complications can arise. Mouth sores are some of them. These ulcers are one of the most commonplace lesions in the mouth...

Yes, mouth sores can be painful, annoying and unattractive, but they’re frequently innocuous and will clear up on their own in a six to seven days. But if they don’t resolve themselves after a few weeks, return often or if different symptoms start to show up, see your dentist for a thorough assessment of the situation.

Up to one out of five people have recurring…

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