Health Privacy

The first thing you should know about HIPAA is that it’s HIPAA, not HIPPA. There is only one P, and that P doesn’t stand for “privacy.” - Sara Morrison

Health Privacy
Health Privacy

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Your Health Data Isn’t as Safe as You Think

We relinquish all kinds of data to tech companies in exchange for convenience. We hand over our location, our heart rates and even imprints of our eyeballs because we want to order an Uber, track a workout or get through airport security faster. But we expect one thing to be mostly kept private: our medical histories.

In a way, our health information is the last sacrosanct piece of personal information. That’s why people were so surprised to learn Google had a deal with Ascension to handle tens of millions of patient records, including full names, test results and diagnoses.

They’re right to be confused: Aren’t there laws that protect patients when it comes to health information?

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 Your Health Data Isn’t as Safe as You Think

Silicon Valley’s rush into the health-care business is challenging the antiquated protections of Americans’ medical histories

Another threat to abortion privacy? Health websites tracking and sharing your data

Given the amount of information that still leaks out, though, individual action will never be enough. When it comes to online health privacy, abortion exposed the growing tracking ecosystem. If we don’t update data privacy tools, the concept of health privacy may soon be a memory.

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