Cottage cheese, broken down into its simplest form, is milk that has been curdled to mimic the cellulite its consumption is meant to banish ― Elsie Love


image by: Cellout - Centro Specializzato in Cellulite e Dimagrimento

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How French Women Combat Cellulite

French women don’t get fat, drunk, face lifts, or touch themselves, in that way (the Divinyls way). But even the easygoing French worry about cellulite, a beauty problem so pervasive that it’s the same word in French and English. It is a word that sounds no better in a French accent. Through an enlightening conversation with Marie-Laure Fournier, a French beauty publicist who serves as the unofficial Gallic beauty ambassador to American beauty editors, I learned about how the French combat the most unglamorous of beauty problems.

Cellulite sounds no better with a French accent. What are French thoughts on it and the idea of fat?

French women…

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