Pressure Sores

A wise doctor does not mutter incantations over a sore that needs the knife - Sophocles

Pressure Sores

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Simple steps to protect against pressures sores (bedsores) in a nursing home.

No one likes to think of the nasty terms, "pressure sores" or "bedsores", but they are a fact of life for residents in nursing homes. The question is whether anything can be done to prevent pressure sores for bedridden residents of nursing homes.  The answer is an unequivocal "YES".

First, what is a pressure sore?  A pressure sore is an area of skin breakdown that begins as redness and inflammation on the skin surface and can progress to dead, pussy skin that must be surgically debrided (cut off).  The most common site for a pressure sore is the buttocks or sacrum (area just above the buttocks).

Why do pressure sores develop?  Pressure sores develop as a result of unrelieved…

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