To distinguish if you have intertrigo and not another rash type, look for a reddish-brownish color. Check to see if the rash is itchy, scabby, or (sorry for the visual) oozing - Dana Donofree


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What’s this rash in my folds? Intertrigo

As warmer weather hits a new set of rashes rolls in… intertrigo, poison ivy, lyme disease and more...

Intertrigo is the fancy name for a rash in the folds of the skin. It is most often seen under the breasts, abdominal fold, under the arms and in the groin. It is more commonly seen in the warmer spring and summer months. Intertrigo is generally caused by one of three main things and in all cases is worsened by moisture. The three common causes of intertrigo include psoriasis, fungus and yeast. Here’s a few ways to tell them apart and treat them.

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 What’s this rash in my folds? Intertrigo

I cannot overemphasize the need to keep the folds dry and reduce friction in these areas. I most often recommend a powder called Zeasorb to be used in the folds daily. Zeasorb comes two ways, plain and AF. The AF is anti-yeast and anti-fungal. I usually recommend getting the AF to reduce the possibility of yeast and fungus growing even if it is not the primary problem.

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