Pediatric Rashes

When your child comes to you with a rash, don’t panic—yet. Many childhood rashes are simple to treat or require time to go away - Cindy Gellner MD

Pediatric Rashes

image by: Kristopher Maday

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Name That Rash

What a magical, germ-strewn adventure we are all on.

Because rash-causing illnesses are omnipresent, we created an illustrated guide to five common ones that occur in young children. If you’re concerned that your child has one of these maladies (or any unexplained rash for that matter), give your pediatrician a call. And always remember to thoroughly wash hands to prevent the spread of, well, most things.

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 Name That Rash

An illustrated guide to your child’s mysterious skin afflictions.

12 Common Summertime Skin Rashes in Children

​​​Sunny days and starlit evenings spent playing, splashing, and exploring can leave kids with more than warm summertime memories. Balmy weather also can lead to itchy, irritated skin.

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