I want to ask the question, who on earth wants to be nearly clear if they can be clear - Dr. Hilary Baldwin


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It's Rosacea Awareness Month and this is what I’ve learned from 5 years with the skin condition

Rosacea is a common, yet misunderstood, long-term relapsing, inflammatory skin condition. It mostly affects the face, and sometimes other areas of skin. Constant redness can be accompanied by papules, pustules and telangiectasia (more commonly known as lesions, acne and dilated blood vessels). It is thought to be caused by a variety of unproven theories including blood vessel abnormalities, genetics, large numbers of Demodex Folliculorum (tiny mites) on the skin and bacteria found in the digestive system, to name a few.

A list of uncertainties often means you are left wide open to being misinformed or wrongly treated for several possible skin disorders, (like dermatitis or eczema…

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