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What can Neanderthal Man Teach Us About Sleep in the 21st Century?

Why bother sleeping?

Humans are a strange breed.

Despite being the planet’s Apex predator, we tend to drop everything we’re doing, find a quiet place, and offer our best impersonation of a corpse for 8 out of every 24 hours. Although we’re not the only species to partake in this ritual, a paradox presents itself when you consider how much knowledge is at our collective fingertips.

When compared to the average person’s lack of knowledge about sleep, it’s puzzling that society approaches the topic with such apathy.

Up until recently, science has even struggled to provide an answer. While advances in neuroscience have begun to improve our…

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 What can Neanderthal Man Teach Us About Sleep in the 21st Century?

Humans are a strange breed. Despite being the planet’s Apex predator, we tend to drop everything we’re doing, find a quiet place, and offer our best impersonation of a corpse for 8 out of every 24 hours. Although we’re not the only species to partake in this ritual, a paradox presents itself when you consider how much knowledge is at our collective fingertips.

No Sleepless Nights

Welcome! My name’s Ethan Green. I created No Sleepless Nights to share my experience of sleep problems and provide reviews of sleep products.

Precious Little Sleep

I'm Alexis and figuring out how to get your kids to sleep better is my secret superpower (I was hoping for the ability to shoot laser beams out of my eyes but c'est la vie). I swoon for pop culture references. I'm not nearly as funny as I think I am. And I believe you can never have too much wine, cheese, or Game of Thrones.

Sleep Easily

Led by Richard Shane, Phd, Sleep Easily is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy delivered by means of a mini audio player. His website and blog are dedicated to helping insomniacs - SleepMetro

Sleep Junkies

Keep up to date with the latest sleep news, views, interviews and lots more at the Sleep Junkies blog.

The Baby Sleep Geek

I founded The Baby Sleep Geek in 2014 as a forum to build parents’ confidence in their ability to parent at night with empathy, respect, and resolve. I believe that children have the innate ability to sleep and that it is parents’ responsibility to support and guide them as they work through the struggle that comes with learning new skills and expectations.

The Better Sleep Council

Ready to learn more about getting a good night’s sleep? The Better Sleep Council’s mission revolves around helping people understand how a quality mattress aids in sleeping more soundly – from choosing the right mattress to tips on sleep.

The Sleeping Blog

We write about sleeping, dreaming, waking up and living life.

Doctor Steven Park

Dr. Steven Y. Park is an author and surgeon who helps people who are always sick or tired to once again reclaim their health and energy. His passion is to identify and empower people to overcome sleep-related breathing problems, which most people don’t realize is the real reason for many of their common medical ailments.

Julie Flygare

For children with narcolepsy to stand tall and proud, knowing they’re overcoming adversity and going to succeed in life.

Sleep Education

The Sleep Education Blog is a one-of-a-kind resource for individuals with sleep disorders or their families and friends. This site boasts a wide variety of sleep resources, covering the sleep topics that matter most. The Sleep Education Blog delivers its news straight from the digital mouth of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for the benefit of readers (and sleepers) everywhere. Stop by to learn about recent sleep disorder studies, advocacy and awareness events, and the impact sleep disorders can have on everything from body weight to cognitive abilities. - Healthline

Sleep is for the Weak

An antidote to baby sleep advice…..

Sleep Scholar

Aimed at sleep disorder professionals and curious patients alike, Sleep Scholar offers high-quality blog posts on medical controversies, recent research, and sleep-related news. Designed and directed by a large board of medical and sleep professionals, this expert blog offers a wealth of information and insight to its audience. Learn about sleep medicine straight from the professionals behind the science, and take advantage of this educational resource to help you – or your patients – achieve a better night’s sleep. - Healthline

Sleep Sisters

Our basic philosophy about sleep is this: babies have a biological need for healthy sleep in order to be at their best. As parents, it’s our job to make sure our kids are getting the right amount of sleep at the right times. Without sleep, our babies are missing out on major developmental growth opportunities AND they are cranky! Well-rested babies make happy parents which makes everyone much healthier.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

If you are having trouble getting your little one to sleep well, is filled with tons of great information!

The Sleep Lady

No matter your sleep question, chances are that the Sleep Lady has the answer. Offering incisive video talks and responding to reader questions about everything from parenting and sleep schedules to chronic sleep deprivation and naptimes, Sleep Lady does her job with flare and style. Drop by for a lesson in good sleep and parenting tips from this Licensed Clinical Social Worker and practicing child and family therapist. Kim West, The Sleep Lady extraordinaire, will have you or your kids snoozing peacefully in no time. - Healthline

The Sleep Sense Program

Dana’s program focuses on improving a child’s sleep rather than lecturing parents about a sleep philosophy. Her program takes into account the various parenting styles and through her guidance, lets parents choose an approach that is right for them and their baby - SleepMetro


In this fascinating Hypnagogia blog, “all things sleep related” come to light. From snoring remedies to REM and lucid dreams, this sleep blogger offers a steady dose of hi-tech sleep analysis information mixed with personal insights, product reviews, and top-notch photography. Describing the ins and outs of sleep therapies and documenting the sleep profiles of this blogger and son might be exhausting for some writers, but the talented author of Hypnagogia keeps this sleep blog highly educational and entertaining to boot. - Healthline


Hello, thank you for taking time to discover my blog! I'm a twenty something Russian girl living in Belgium. I'm in love with fashion, art and music. I'm all about contradictions, nothing in black or white, just find out. This blog is about my personal style, inspiration, addiction, obsession and sometimes frustration.

Insomnia Land

Sharing the best insomnia news and advice to help you cure your lack of sleep.


World of Psychology is Psych Central’s premier and longest-running blog, focused on the expansive subject that is psychology, human behavior, mental health and illness, and the intersection of technology with all of these things. It is overseen by Dr. John Grohol, and features a regular set of contributors and guest bloggers from many different areas in the field of clinical practice, research and treatment.

Restful Insomnia

You’ll find lots more than just about the nights on this blog. You’ll find information about Sleep and insomnia. Inspirations. Gratitudes. Check this blog for the tails of insomnia. and send your comments about your nights–I’d love to hear about your insomnia, rest, and sleep!


Everyday tips on healthy living.

The Sleep Doctor

Sleep Doctor Michael Breus’s Insomnia Blog makes time for the masses. This clinical psychologist with a specialty in sleep disorders is dedicated to helping everyone achieve a good night’s sleep. Dr. Breus truly understands that everything from insomnia to busy lives can interfere with nature’s recharge mechanism. Also an author and magazine columnist, The Sleep Doctor stays involved with his audience by answering readers’ sleep questions and writing about what matters to you most. Follow him on Facebook, join him on Twitter, or just check out his Insomnia Blog every week – you won’t be sorry! - Healthline

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