These kids were told that it was all in their heads, that they were psychologically disturbed. When you find something new that actually works, that makes a difference, it’s quite spectacular - Dr. Sean O’Regan


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When Bedwetting Isn’t an ‘Accident’

As a pediatric urologist, I know that, as The Times reported recently, the popular laxative Miralax isn’t (gasp!) F.D.A.-approved for children. I still prescribe it daily. I believe Miralax’s active ingredient (polyethylene glycol 3350, or PEG) is safe for kids. The problem isn’t overuse in children; it’s underuse.

Of course children should eat fruits and veggies instead of fries and chicken nuggets; Miralax is no solution to the constipating effects of junk food. But what folks don’t realize is that along with childhood obesity, childhood constipation is epidemic. A stool-stuffed rectum, encroaching upon the bladder, is the main cause of bedwetting, accidents, urinary frequency…

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Last Updated : Monday, January 29, 2018