Colostrum Supplements

It’s an interesting compound to explore, but right now, it’s not ready for prime time - Pieter Cohen MD

Colostrum Supplements
Colostrum Supplements

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It’s ‘Liquid Gold’ for Newborns. But Can It Help Your Health?

Colostrum, the milk-like substance produced by mothers in the first few days after giving birth, provides antibodies, antimicrobial proteins and other vital nutrients to newborns across the mammalian world. For babies in the fragile first days of life, “it’s liquid gold,” said Jennifer Smilowitz, an assistant professor at the University of California, Davis, who studies lactation science.

Several companies are now selling colostrum from cows as a supplement for humans, claiming it can help regulate the immune system, improve digestive health, support skin regeneration, speed recovery after exercise and much more. Here’s what experts said about those claims.

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 It’s ‘Liquid Gold’ for Newborns. But Can It Help Your Health?

We asked experts about the evidence behind trendy cow colostrum supplements, and the potential risks of taking them.

First-milking colostrum is the source of nature’s most biologically active components that maximize nutritional availability. Our colostrum is sourced from dairy farms and manufactured with our proprietary process right in the heartland of the USA. These factors are your assurance of premium quality, consistency and superior results.


Colostrum has more protein and fewer carbohydrates and fat than mature breast milk. Colostrum is rich in secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA), which helps to protect the infant from infection. Colostrum also helps to establish a normal gut microbiome in the infant. The bowel is considered sterile at birth.

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