Teen Sexual Health

Sex, sexual dynamics and how we define our sexuality, is one of the major deals in everyone's life - Molly Parker

Teen Sexual Health

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What You Should Know About Your Vaginal Health Before College

Sex education — both the Netflix show and the class in school — often leaves out important information about our bodies and sexual and vaginal health. We’re expected to figure it out on our own, often through watching bad porn, googling, and experiences with partners that we wish we could erase from our memories. Doctors and nurses can help, but even if you have a great ob-gyn, asking about how to pick out your first sex toy can be, um, awkward.

So, we turned to Dr. Jen Gunter, an ob-gyn, women’s health writer (for her own site and places like the New York Times), prolific tweeter, and author of the upcoming book The Vagina Bible: The Vulva and the Vagina—Separating the Myth from the…

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