Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth - Margaret Atwood, Der blinde Mörder


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What’s the best sense?

In the realm of the senses, two reign supreme. Sight and hearing are rich and beloved, opulently served by the cultural forms we have devised for them – art, music, dance, theatre, poetry. They float serenely above taste and smell, two lesser nobles forever scrapping over the dominion of food. Taste has the edge there, so smell has been granted a magical little duchy of its own, where it presides in isolate splendour, mooning over old memories. Four smug monarchs, each ruling from a local seat of power, each passively receiving those emissaries from the outside, the impressions.

But touch is an eminence of a different order. It is the body’s democracy, active everywhere, sending…

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 What’s the best sense?

Deprived of sight, hearing, taste or smell, people soldier on and sometimes flourish, but being deprived of touch is nearly unimaginable.

9 surprising facts about the sense of touch

Touch is perhaps the most overlooked sense. Every one of us receives tactile information about the world around us every second of the day. Right now, if you're sitting, your butt is being squished into your chair. Your fingertips are probably touching a mouse, or swiping the glass of your phone.

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