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There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins - Josh Billings

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I went to the world’s largest gathering of identical twins. I left jealous

When Mylee and Cayla Simmermon were toddlers, even they couldn’t tell themselves apart. Their mom would catch Cayla staring into the mirror, waving, and shouting, “Hi, Mylee!”

She was mistaking her own reflection for her sister.

I met Mylee and Cayla on Aug. 6 at the annual Twins Days festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. It’s the world’s largest gathering of twins — thousands of identical pairs (as well as fraternal twins and other multiples) gather to celebrate this special kind of siblinghood.

Identical twins share a particularly intense bond. They are the result of one fertilized egg splitting into two, giving them identical DNA. (Fraternal twins are the result of…

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 I went to the world’s largest gathering of identical twins. I left jealous

In the future, should we all be twins?

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Identical Twins

We can all agree that the phrase "no man is an island" is a blatant lie—we're essentially alone in this world and all the more miserable for it. The only people excepted from this rule are identical twins, who often share every step of at least the first few decades of their existence with each other. Experiencing the same things, while looking exactly alike.

Twins Trust

Supporting you through every milestone of your journey with twins, triplets or more.

NASA Twins Study

Results from NASA’s Twins Study reveal some interesting, surprising, and assuring data of how a single human body adapted to and recovered from long-duration exposure to the extreme environment of space.

Twins Days Festival

To provide a vehicle for celebrating the uniqueness of twins and others of multiple birth.

Twins Research Australia

Twins Research Australia brings twins and researchers together for vital health research that benefits everyone. Our research impacts health globally, contributing to the most pressing health issues of our times.

More Twins are Being Born Than Ever Before

Doctors suspect two relatively new trends are to blame.

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