Vaccines have dramatically curtailed rates of pertussis, and nearly eradicated cases of tetanus and diphtheria in the U.S. Although work remains to be done on the international stage, huge progress has been made - Deena Zeplowitz


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5 Things About the DTaP vaccine: Adding Insight and Correcting Misinterpretation

New studies about DTaP vaccine are making headlines, and causing anti-vaccine opinionists to share interpretive nonsense.

It is increasingly common knowledge that we are having an international problem with pertussis (whooping cough).. Researchers are actively trying to determine why outbreaks are continuing to spread despite good vaccination rates. Most importantly, they are trying to find out why are babies are dying from pertussis today.

Two recent studies have offered clues. In one study, researchers found that vaccinated baboons were able to transmit pertussis-causing bacteria to unvaccinated cage-mates. The observation in these primates is challenging the concept of “cocooning”…

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Last Updated : Tuesday, February 9, 2021