Women and Cancer

Cancer is a word, not a sentence - John Diamond

Women and Cancer

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My Breast Cancer Journey Revealed the Flaws of an Unjust Health System

Every weekday for six weeks this fall, I had radiation for early-stage breast cancer. October 9th was my last treatment. This journey has been a lesson in privilege, structural inequality and our broken social and economic systems.

In May, I saw my obstetrician in New York City for pain that I had been experiencing in my right breast. My doctor referred me for a breast ultrasound & mammogram, prescribing scans for the right breast only. The imaging department at the hospital my OB is affiliated with told me it would be a three week wait for an appointment. I had already put off the visit for four months: I have a full-time job, three young children, and I kept thinking if…

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 My Breast Cancer Journey Revealed the Flaws of an Unjust Health System

Our ability to care for ourselves during a health crisis should not be dependent on generous employers or on our zip code.

10 cancer symptoms women shouldn't ignore

The warning signs of gynecologic cancers can be vague and similar to those of other conditions. That's why it’s important to know what to look for.

Cancer Schmancer Movement

Founded by actress and uterine cancer survivor, Fran Drescher, Cancer Schmancer is dedicated to saving lives through prevention & early detection of cancer. Did you know when cancer is found early, 90% SURVIVE?

Foundation for Women's Cancer

Welcome! Here you will find information about the Foundation’s many awareness, educational and fundraising programs plus comprehensive information about gynecologic cancer risk, prevention, early detection and optimal treatment provided by expert gynecologic oncologists and other healthcare professionals .

Hope for Two

The Pregnant with Cancer Network is a national non-profit organization for women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy.

Share Cancer Support

SHARE Cancer Support is one of the leading ovarian and breast cancer organizations online, offering support for women with breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Weekend To End Women's Cancers

Be part of a life-changing, world-changing event - The Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefits several cancer agencies thruout Canada. During one amazing weekend, you will unite with thousands of women and men to walk, fighting all women's cancers, step by step.

Women’s Cancer Fund

The Women’s Cancer Fund pays for the myriad of non-medical expenses associated with cancer. The result: your gift helps ease a woman’s burden and lifts her spirit.

Women’s Cancer Research Foundation

The mission of the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF) is to improve the cure rates of women with gynecologic cancer through innovative clinical research.

Women’s Cancer Research Fund

The Women’s Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) mobilizes the influential entertainment community to raise critical funds to support cancer research.

American Cancer Society

Learn about making treatment decisions, coping with side effects, handling financial matters, caregiving, and living well after cancer. The American Cancer Society also has programs and services to help you manage cancer treatment and recovery and find the emotional support you need. And best of all, our help is free.


Throughout diagnosis, healing, surviving or dying, our mission is to provide FREE cancer advocacy, resources, education and support to women with all types of cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Historically, cancer affects women less frequently than men. The National Cancer Institute estimates that one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer during her lifetime, while one in two men will receive the diagnosis. Women also tend to survive the disease more often than men.


Learn your family history of cancer and what you can do to lower your cancer risk.

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