Faddists have made laparoscopy fashionable - Dr. Raveenthiran


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Gynecologic surgery’s future

As gynecologic surgery continues to evolve rapidly, it is easy to forget the origins of our specialty. Only 205 years ago, Conrad Langenbeck performed the first planned hysterectomy on record. It was a vaginal procedure done in the surgeon‘s living room with no assistants and he had to use his teeth at one point to tie suture. Miraculously the patient survived, but no one believed that Dr. Langenbeck actually performed this procedure until it was confirmed at autopsy several years later.

In today‘s environment, the laparotomy approach is still overutilized, but it is now gradually being replaced by laparoscopic and robotic surgery. The original minimally invasive method, the vaginal…

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Last Updated : Saturday, May 2, 2020