IVF Access

Limited information, restrictive laws and policies, stigma, high cost, and other barriers put infertility care, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), out of reach for many, especially people from marginalized communities - Center for Reproductive Rights

IVF Access
IVF Access

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Six lessons the US can learn from Italy’s restrictions on IVF treatments

In the spring of 2004, under a coalition government led by populist media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Parliament passed a shocking new law giving full personhood rights to the human embryo. In a Western republic with clear right-to-choice reproductive laws, a blatantly unconstitutional law was enacted. It took 10 years, and over 40 rulings of Italy’s Constitutional Court, to tame the terms of Law 40. Tens of thousands of Italian patients suffered in silence for a decade because of it.

Memories of the clinical and moral disasters caused by IVF restrictions hound me to this day. I remember most vividly the office visits with patients expecting babies afflicted by deadly genetic…

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 Six lessons the US can learn from Italy’s restrictions on IVF treatments

The United States should be ready for several American states to relinquish access to real IVF, possibly indefinitely. As of today, 14 states have near-total abortion bans; all of these states may potentially follow suit with restrictive IVF laws.

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