Women’s health has been historically underserved. As more innovative solutions come on the market and as the industry as a whole shifts to value-based care, many areas of women’s health will improve - Katherine Ryder


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These Women's Healthcare Startups Will Actually Make You Look Forward to Seeing the Doctor

It’s a generally agreed-upon fact that doctor’s appointments are the worst. Extended waiting room sojourns often culminate in rushed consultations, and even if you love your doc, it can feel like all you have to show for the experience is a hastily written prescription and a gnarly dent in your bank account.

And if you’re dealing with one of the more mysterious maladies plaguing women—like an autoimmune disorder or a hormonal imbalance—this process can be even more frustrating and ineffective. But that may not be the case for much longer. A handful of healthcare startups are aiming to reshape the entire system from a tech-driven POV that puts feminine issues first.

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Last Updated : Thursday, December 26, 2019