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Stop Measuring Pregnancy in Months!

There are so few things I’m really, really adamant about as a women’s health provider. I mean, aside from the basic necessities (evidence-based medicine, good care, patient autonomy), I don’t hold by much ceremony in my office. You want to bring your kids to visits? Totally OK; we’ll provide crayons. You need to have extremely loud heavy metal music on while you deliver? Hey, it’s your labor.

But I have found my tiny back-breaking straw, the nagging issue that will send me around the bend. It is my patients’ need to talk about pregnancy in terms of months. That is, “Hey, Doc. How many months pregnant am I?”

The reason this drives me crazy is simple. It is because…

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 Stop Measuring Pregnancy in Months!

One doctor’s plea against this inaccurate—and misleading—way of talking about human gestation.

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