Diastasis Recti

You have to be very careful. For example, please don't ever again in your life do crossover crunches or bicycle crunches. They splay your abs apart in so many ways - Dr. Linda Brubaker

Diastasis Recti
Diastasis Recti

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The post-pregnancy belly problem that nobody tells women about

After Jenna Angst gave birth to her second child, she noticed that her midsection didn’t look right. “I was frustrated that my stomach looked so pudgy, even after I got back to my normal weight,” Angst, 37, says. So she asked her OB-GYN in Atlanta to take a look. The doctor brushed her off, telling her it was purely aesthetic.

But Angst wondered if it might be something she’d heard about in a yoga class once that went by the name of “mom pooch,” “mummy tummy,” or “baby belly.” So she went to doctors, specialists, and physical therapists in search of an answer. Finally, one told her that, yes, she had diastasis recti, a condition where the abdominal muscles separate so much that the…

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 The post-pregnancy belly problem that nobody tells women about

There’s surprisingly little research on diastasis recti, which affects at least 60 percent of postpartum women.

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