Multiple Pregnancy

Body and spirit are twins: God only knows which is which - Algernon Charles Swinburne

Multiple Pregnancy
Multiple Pregnancy

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How to Stay ‘Sane’ During Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancy can be grueling — mine was uncomfortable to the point that the actual birth was the most relaxing part — and I’m talking about a C-section, a surgery for which I was awake and watching.

For most of the months leading up to the arrival of my sons, I felt like a bread machine into which someone had mistakenly crammed two loaves. Don’t get me wrong — I wanted that bread, and had struggled with failed fertility recipes for years. I had opted to transfer two embryos through IVF, so the fact of twins wasn’t exactly a shock. Nevertheless I worried that the dough-baking appliance — in this case my body — was going to bust under the sheer strain of cooking up two.


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 How to Stay ‘Sane’ During Twin Pregnancy

Twin moms quickly discover that much of what is written about twin pregnancy addresses medical and practical issues, and that’s crucial. The stakes are high. Far less is said about how the prospective mother of twins can maintain sanity and comfort during the pregnancy.

10 Reasons Why a Twin Pregnancy Is Not the Same As a Singleton

Despite what others may try to tell you, a twin pregnancy is NOT the same as a singleton. I am in no way trying to say having a singleton pregnancy is a breeze, because growing tiny humans is hard work, but it is different.

14 Notable Multiple Births

Triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, and more may seem almost commonplace now compared to years past, at least to those of us who just read about them. But they are anything but commonplace to parents who find themselves suddenly leading a large family!

Hijacked By Twins

Hijacked By Twins is where I share my passion for good, home cooked food. I specialise in family friendly recipes that are not only super tasty but can be easily made regardless how manic life can be!

Twin Pregnancy and Beyond

If you have just found out about your twin pregnancy, or if you already have twins, this site was created especially for you. It's time to get ready for an extraordinary ride! From birth to parenting there is so much to learn and enjoy about twins.

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