Prenatal Care

Prenatal care will change after Covid - Erica Cahill MD

Prenatal Care
Prenatal Care

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8 Surprising Facts About Prenatal Care Around The World

Prenatal care in the US follows a pretty standard formula: You give a urine sample, your doctor weighs and measures you, and you get a refill of your prenatal vitamins. Maybe you discuss what you’re eating, how you’re feeling and your plans for the birth.

But this standard of care is uniquely American. In many countries, pregnant women have fewer prenatal visits. In some poor countries, if you see a health care provider _once _before giving birth, you’re among the lucky ones. And then there are cultural differences with how health care is delivered and how pregnancy is viewed.

In Belgium, massages are prescribed

The goal of prenatal care is to…

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 8 Surprising Facts About Prenatal Care Around The World

Eye-opening info about how moms-to-be experience those nine months in different parts of the globe — some of it weird and some of it downright scary.

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