We are much more than our bleeding disorders. Hemophilia, while a major part of our lives, does not define us - Joe MacDonald, 2 Brothers with Hemophilia


image by: Hemophilia Treatment Centre Aluva

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Recognizing the Gift of Hemophilia

Hemophilia has been a gift.

Let me explain. I know some people will struggle to understand my viewpoint. I realize that they have suffered great physical and emotional pain because of this bleeding disorder. Some have lost relationships, jobs, and mobility, and have a reduced quality of life. I get it. I truly do.

I understand the worst of what hemophilia can bring to a person’s life. My older brother lived for only five days due to complications from a head bleed. I see my 14-year-old son trying to cope with chronic pain as he uses a crutch on most days. So how can I utter the words “gift” and “hemophilia” in the same breath?

It’s all about perspective. Just as each…

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