Blood plasma, being a vital component of certain medical treatments, is extremely valuable - H. Luke Shaefer & Analidis Ochoa


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Plasma: the liquid gold running through our veins

Do you give blood? Know your blood type?

Start talking blood and—as I discovered when I started asking around the Nova team—pretty soon everyone’s in on the conversation.

‘I’m Rh negative’, says Amy, at the next desk over. ‘If I get pregnant, they say I’ll need an injection so my body won’t reject the baby.’ Sharon, just back from maternity leave, usually donates blood regularly. ‘But I’m on a break for now,’ she says. ‘You can’t donate when you’re breastfeeding.’ Then there’s Hayley, who sits across the corridor. With an immune deficiency which makes her susceptible to infections and viruses, she relies on donated blood to keep her healthy, visiting the hospital…

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