Sickle Cell Trait

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Sickle Cell Trait

image by: TS3 Sickle Cell Trait Foundation

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The health implications, good and bad, of sickle cell trait

...I thought it might be interesting to look at sickle cell trait, the carrier state for sickle cell. This is normally considered to be a benign and completely harmless condition but evidence is accumulating that this may not be the whole story.

If you inherit two copies of the sickle cell mutation, one from each of your parents, you have sickle cell disease, with all the problems and complications we know about. However, if you inherit only one copy of the sickle cell mutation, from either your mum or dad, and a normal haemoglobin gene from the your other parent, then you have sickle cell trait; your blood looks normal down the microscope, you are not anaemic and you do not get painful…

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