Therapeutic Apheresis

There is ongoing increase in the number of indications of therapeutic apheresis (TA) for the treatment of various clinical conditions - Fatih Demirkan

Therapeutic Apheresis

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Therapeutic Plasma Exchange & the Future of Aging

The ancient Greek philosopher-physician Hippocrates is best known for his maxim “first, do no harm” which did not exclude draining the blood of his patients. “What medicines do not heal, the lance will,” he wrote. Before Hippocrates, the Egyptians also practiced bloodletting, which remained a common medical therapy in many countries into the 19th century, before being thoroughly discredited.

Prematurely, as it turns out.

While it’s true that the draining of whole blood has little therapeutic value except in a very few diseases like hemochromatosis—aka “iron overload”—the latest scientific studies point to components of blood that accumulate with age and drive many different…

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