What you see is that the most outstanding feature of life's history is a constant domination by bacteria - Stephen Jay Gould


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Psychobiotics: How gut bacteria mess with your mind

WE HAVE all experienced the influence of gut bacteria on our emotions. Just think how you felt the last time you had a stomach bug. Now it is becoming clear that certain gut bacteria can positively influence our mood and behaviour. The way they achieve this is gradually being uncovered, raising the possibility of unlocking new ways to treat neurobehavioural disorders such as depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

We acquire our intestinal microbes immediately after birth, and live in an important symbiotic relationship with them. There are far more bacteria in your gut than cells in your body, and their weight roughly equals that of your brain. These bacteria have a…

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 Psychobiotics: How gut bacteria mess with your mind

Gut bugs can change the way our brains work, offering new ways to relieve problems like stress, anxiety and depression, say two leading professors.

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Bacteria are the simplest of creatures that are considered alive. Bacteria are everywhere. They are in the bread you eat, the soil that plants grow in, and even inside of you. They are very simple cells that fall under the heading prokaryotic. That word means they do not have an organized nucleus. Bacteria are small single cells whose whole purpose in life is to replicate.


Contagions is a place to collect some thoughts on history, infectious disease and science in general. My primary interests are in the history of plague, and the impact of infectious disease on the Americas. I also hope that this blog will be a bridge between the sciences and humanities.

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