Actinomyces (Actinomycoses)

Due to its propensity to mimic many other diseases and its wide variety of symptoms, clinicians should be aware of its multiple presentations and its ability to be a ‘great pretender’ - Francisco Acevedo

Actinomyces (Actinomycoses)

image by: Actinomyces Temcomitans

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This organism normally lives in the mouth and colon and sometimes the vagina. It has been associated with P.I.D. in patients with IUDs. It’s an aggressive bug and can spread throughout the body. If not thoroughly wiped out, it can come back again and again.

It’s a bug that’s just rare enough so that internists won’t see it but common enough so that infectious-disease docs like me will run across it pretty regularly,” he replied thoughtfully. “And that makes all the difference.”

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