Infant Botulism

Remember "Honey Child" is probably OK if it is"Honey One Year or Older Child." But honey infant? That's a no-no - Bruce Y. Lee

Infant Botulism

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I Am The Reason You Don’t Give Babies Honey

Would you give your baby peanut butter? How about strawberries? These foods had been considered to carry potential risks to your child so we’ve been told over and over again to proceed with caution.

But honey? Why does no one talk about honey? Half my friends who returned with their new baby from the hospital were only vaguely warned to stay away from it, and the other half were told nothing.

Luckily, they know me.

So let me tell you about this little slice of my life.

Growing up, I knew no one else had a scar on their neck, but honestly, I kinda thought it was cool. However, by junior high I did get pretty tired of other kids gaping at me and asking…

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