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image by: Dr.Somaia Altawalbeh-Ear,Nose & Throat Clinic

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The Interconnected World of the Ear, Nose, and Throat

It’s not just your imagination. When something affects your ear, sometimes you find that it also affects your nose and throat, and vice versa.

Because the ear, nose, and throat are so intricately connected, they are able to function as one unit, with the pieces making up and supporting the whole. The downside is the sort of the same: because they’re so intricately connected, a disturbance in one can cause a problem in or for the other. The ear, nose, and throat are part of the upper respiratory system and they share the same mucous membranes. For instance, it’s rare that you may have ear problems without also experiencing problems in your nose or throat – which is why they seem to…

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Last Updated : Tuesday, July 28, 2020