Flu or Cold?

Faster than a sneezing toddler. More powerful than a throbbing migraine. Able to leap from person to person with a single cough. It’s cold and flu season! The trick is to figure out if you’ve got a cold, the flu or a sinus infection - Christine Inguanzo MD

Flu or Cold?

image by: Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

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Cold and Flu

It’s not surprising if you’re not sure what you’ve caught, considering how often we often lump cold and flu into the same general category. Yes, they’re both caused by viruses and tend to trigger similar symptoms, but they’re also very different illnesses...

Colds tend to be mild, and you can usually recover at home without needing any treatment. The flu, on the other hand, can lead to potentially serious complications in high-risk people, including infants, pregnant people, immunocompromised people, and older adults.

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Last Updated : Thursday, November 3, 2022