As for me, I never study. In our abbey, we never study, for fear of the mumps - François Rabelais


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No, Harvard's Mumps Outbreak Doesn't Mean Vaccines Are Bunk

Oh college—those halcyon days of young love, bong hits, and communicable diseases. You know, because packing students into dorms and dining halls and frat parties is a great way to facilitate social interaction and spread viruses. At Harvard, a recent mumps out break has gotten more 40 students sick just a few weeks before commencement.

News of an outbreak of mumps, which infects salivary glands, has drawn antivaxxers like moths to a swollen red flame. They’ve seized on the fact that students sickened in Harvard’s outbreak were all vaccinated—supposed evidence that vaccines are full of lies.

It’s true the mumps vaccine isn’t the most effective, but that’s established fact,…

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Last Updated : Monday, November 25, 2019