Neglected Tropical Diseases

The efforts of WHO, researchers, partners, and the contributions of industry have changed the face of NTDs. These ancient diseases are now being brought to their knees with stunning speed - Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General, WHO

Neglected Tropical Diseases

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Neglected tropical diseases are finally getting the attention they deserve

When you work in global health, you get to witness some of humankind’s greatest achievements. Together, the world has cut child deaths by more than half since 1990, we’re on the brink of eradicating polio, and we’re reaching more people than ever with lifesaving vaccines. Yet one of the most inspiring success stories is perhaps the one most overlooked: the global effort to eliminate neglected tropical diseases, or NTDs.

Much of the recent success stems from a meeting in London on Jan. 30, 2012 — five years ago today.

NTDs affect nearly 1.5 billion of the poorest and most marginalized people around the world. And while 500,000 people lose their lives to NTDs every…

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 Neglected tropical diseases are finally getting the attention they deserve

At a time when questions loom large about funding global health and development, the success against NTDs is a powerful reminder of the incredible impact we can have when all of us — the public, private, and philanthropic sectors — work together.

7 Neglected Tropical Diseases and How We Can Put an End to Them

Hookworm, trachoma, elephantiasis, snail fever, roundworm, river blindness, and whip worm can be treated for only 50 cents a year.

Act to End NTDs

Our efforts focus on 13 countries in Africa, the Americas, and Asia, providing critical support for country-led journeys to self-reliance and the creation of sustainable NTD programs within robust and resilient health systems.


We're on a mission to see the end of 7 neglected tropical diseases by 2020. With your help we can end this suffering for good.

The END Fund

The END Fund is dedicated to controlling and eliminating neglected tropical diseases. NTDs are diseases of poverty that debilitate, blind, disfigure and cause early death to the world’s poorest people. They are a group of parasitic and bacterial infectious diseases that thrive in conditions of rural poverty, where children and adults do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation.

Center for Tropical Diseases

The Center for Tropical Diseases is about people — people who are dedicated to the mission of impacting tropical diseases through research, education, and service, and people who will benefit from the application of this expertise.


Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) is a collaborative, patients’ needs-driven, non-profit drug research and development (R&D) organization that is developing new treatments for Neglected Diseases.

Giving What You Can

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) such as Schistosomiasis (also knows as bilharzia, bilharziosis or snail fever) and Onchocerciasis are normally caused by worms or bacteria in tropical climates. They can be treated very cheaply using a “rapid impact package” of five important drugs that need only be taken once a year and do not require refrigeration.

Neglected Tropical Disease NGDO Network

The Neglected Tropical Disease NGDO Network was established in October 2009 create a global forum for nongovernmental development organizations (NGDOs) working to control onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, schistosomiasis, soil transmitted helminths, and trachoma. These Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) share a common strategy of community-based health interventions that can be integrated to strengthen health care systems.

Neglected Tropical Diseases Support Center

The Center and its collaborators play a key role in perpetuating the global momentum to control or eliminate NTDs that accelerated so dramatically following expanded commitments by partners endorsing the London Declaration in 2012.

NTD Program

The NTD Program supports the scaling up of the integrated mass drug administration (MDA) approach by supporting target countries to map disease burden, gain access to donated NTD drugs, train community drug distributors, distribute drugs, and monitor and evaluate program performance and impact.

The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases

The ISNTD is an independent and not-for-profit organisation providing a multidisciplinary global platform to alleviate the burden of NTDs on the world's poorest and most vulnerable, with the ultimate goal of reaching sustainable healthcare provision & poverty reduction in the developing world.

Uniting to Combat NTDs

The goal of Uniting to Combat NTDs is to support the World Health Organization (WHO) Roadmap in its aim to reach 2020 control, elimination and eradication targets for 10 specific NTDs (Lymphatic Filiariasis, Trachoma, Soil-Transmitted Helminths, Onchocerciasis, Schistosomiasis, Leprosy, Dracunculiasis, Visceral Leishmaniasis, Chagas disease, and Human African Trypanosomiasis).


ENVISION is a five-year project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) aimed at providing assistance to national neglected tropical disease (NTD) control programs for the control and elimination of seven targeted NTDs...

Journal of Tropical Diseases & Public Health

Journal of Tropical Diseases is an Open Access journal that deals with the diseases that are prevalent in or unique to tropical and subtropical regions. Insects such as mosquitoes and flies are by far the most common disease carrier or vector. In addition today, the journal subject areas are more widespread.

National School of Tropical ,Medicine

NSTM will launch a variety of basic, clinical and biotechnology educational programs to train a new generation of scientists and health professionals.

Nuffield Foundation

The European Foundations Initiative for Neglected Tropical Diseases (EFINTD) was launched in 2008 to strengthen African research capacity in neglected tropical diseases and related public health research by supporting young African researchers working in African research institutions. Through a programme of research Fellowships totalling £5m, opportunities have been provided for young scientists to demonstrate their ability and commitment and to acquire the requisite research experience to become future research leaders in the NTD field.

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases (eISSN 1935-2735) is the first open-access journal devoted to the world's most neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), such as elephantiasis, river blindness, leprosy, hookworm, schistosomiasis, and African sleeping sickness. The journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed research on all scientific, medical, and public-health aspects of these forgotten diseases affecting the world's forgotten people.


Tropical diseases encompass all diseases that occur solely, or principally, in the tropics. In practice, the term is often taken to refer to infectious diseases that thrive in hot, humid conditions, such as malaria, leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis, onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, Chagas disease, African trypanosomiasis, and dengue.


Simple precautions – vaccinations, condoms, mosquito nets and insect repellents, and taking care with food and drink – can greatly reduce the risks.

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