Washing produce isn’t very effective to rid it of cyclospora. The only real solution is for public health officials to spot the contaminated food quickly and get it off shelves - Paul Cieslak


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Cyclospora cayetanensis as a Global Health Problem

Cyclospora cayetanensis is an important emerging cause of diarrhea worldwide that leads to significant morbidity and mortality. In developing countries, the parasite has been associated with diarrhea in health center populations. However, in communities based studies, infection rates up to 41.6% have been noted and most of the cases are asymptomatic. In Venezuela, where intestinal parasites represent a persistent public health problem, cyclosporiasis is now pretty common. Infection rates of 5.3% in diarrheic children, 6.8-9.8% in AIDS patients, and 6.1-11.9% in communities have been found.. In the developing world, the infection has been associated with variables related to water, foods, and…

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