Now, flies and maggots have become workhorses for understanding diseases and opening the door to mitigating them - Robin Tricoles


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Experience: a maggot hatched from my head

In the early 1980s, I was a Royal Air Force squadron leader and secretary of the RAF Ornithological Society. At the time, the RAF was willing to support “adventurous training”, which meant we could carry out ornithological expeditions to wherever there was a British military presence.

In 1981, I led one such expedition to Belize. With its humid jungle and coastal swamp, the country was an ideal location for arduous training under field conditions, as well as a great natural habitat for bird observation and research.

After returning home, I found a small blemish on my forehead, just below my hairline. Initially I thought it was just a regular spot, and squeezed it: a big mistake.…

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