Scabies is more than a nuisance and control is a challenge - Daniel Engelman


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Scabies: Itchy global scourge is often misdiagnosed

Scabies is frequently misdiagnosed and mistreated, partly because most physicians are unfamiliar with it and partly because its symptoms mimic so many other skin diseases.

A correct diagnosis is further complicated by the fact that symptoms can often appear six to eight weeks after a person becomes infested with the microscopic arthropod, making it seem as if the problem came from nowhere. But unlike other skin diseases, scabies is usually accompanied by a tell-tale sign: one or more burrows in the skin where female mites lay their eggs.

Scabies is easily cured, but only if patients and their close contacts conscientiously follow directions for medical treatment and environmental…

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Last Updated : Saturday, December 18, 2021