I dare not eat / A dead pig's meat / Though not of creed of Moses / For, oh, I fear / From what I hear, / That horrid trichinosis - Anonymous


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Who Knew Ice Cream Could Cure Trichinosis?

The fire fizzled out when it started to rain. Six hours later we eat the way-too-pink-mostly-raw pork chops anyway. I'm wondering when the full-blown trichinosis kicks in, will be too late to save us because we're at least 2 hours away from a hospital? And who will drive? Because on top of the trichinosis, I don't have my driving glasses. I dont' want to even think about Rob's reaction when everyone starts projectile vomiting all over the interior of the Volvo.

Maybe we should just crawl into the tent and die peacefully without the hub bub of doctors and emergency rooms? Should I leave a note for my parents? What should I say? "I'm sorry, I know we shouldn't have eaten the raw pork…

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