Fifth Disease

Once the rash is there, fifth disease is no longer contagious - Dr. Bruce Thompson 

Fifth Disease

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Slapped Cheek Disease: Symptoms To Recognise And Treatment

A nasty name... but usually a mild illness. For some, however, slapped cheek disease can pose more serious risks.

What is it?

Slapped cheek disease is a virus which causes a very distinctive red rash – it literally makes your child look like they have been slapped on the face.

Sometimes known as fifth disease (because it's one of five viruses which cause a red rash, the others being measles, rubella, roseola and scarlet fever), slapped cheek disease most commonly affects children between the ages of three and 15, although babies can get it too, and so can adults can if they have not been exposed to it before. Passed around via coughs and sneezes,…

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