Childhood Pneumonia

We have “eradication” targets for polio, “elimination” targets for malaria, and “generation-free” targets for HIV/AIDS, but for a disease that kills more children under five than all three combined, we have…well…very little - Carolyn S. Miles

Childhood Pneumonia
Childhood Pneumonia

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Pneumonia: The Silent Killer

A complex disease, with many possible causes, compounded by a number of environmental risk factors, and deeply intertwined with a web of poverty, marginalisation and policy issues: pneumonia is exceptionally hard to tackle. No wonder progress to reduce its global burden has been slower than for other conditions. But in spite of those challenges, we believe this is a fight we can win.

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 Pneumonia: The Silent Killer

Pneumonia kills more children than any other infectious disease. Globally, close to 1 million under five children die from this preventable disease every year – the equivalent of more than 2,500 dying every day. That’s more than the death tolls of diarrhoea, malaria and HIV combined for this age group. Yet you will hear of no global campaign or cause to end pneumonia.

Every Breath Counts Coalition

World’s first public-private partnership to support national governments to end preventable child pneumonia deaths by 2030.

Pneumonia Innovations Network

Aiming to achieve unprecedented levels of collaboration to improve the quality, availability, and affordability of pneumonia prevention, diagnostic and treatment innovations for children.

Stop Pneumonia

Stopping pneumonia isn’t about luck. It’s about action. Stop Pneumonia is an initiative that provides a voice for communities who suffer from the devastating consequences of the disease and who lack access to lifesaving interventions.

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