Viral Pneumonia

Although specific antiviral agents do exist, the cornerstone of treatment for viral pneumonia remains supportive care - Andrew M. Freeman DO

Viral Pneumonia
Viral Pneumonia

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Differentiating viral from bacterial pneumonia

Viral pneumonia is a common complication of influenza-like illnesses and is a complication of SARS-COV-2. Viral pneumonia may clear up on its own; however, when severe, it can be life-threatening. Viruses are generally not as common a cause of CAP as some bacteria. However, as well as being a primary pathogen, viruses can be a co-pathogen with bacteria, particularly in those with severe illness requiring admission to ICU and in ventilator-associated pneumonia.

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 Differentiating viral from bacterial pneumonia

Distinguishing viral pneumonia from bacterial pneumonia is difficult. There are important cues in history and the examination that can help differentiate the two.


The traditional role of viral pneumonia was as a disease found predominantly in the very young, the elderly, and those exposed to influenza. In the past, the diagnosis of viral pneumonia was predicated on it being somewhat a diagnosis of exclusion.

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