Diarrhea may not be glamorous, but the rotavirus vaccine is a shining star in the public health world - Marion Roche


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Reducing Diarrheal Disease With Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotavirus causes about one-third of diarrheal deaths in children; vaccinating children against it could save hundreds of thousands of lives and make life easier for so many parents...

Rotavirus, according to the World Health Organization, is the most common cause of diarrheal disease, especially in babies and young children in developing countries. It flourishes regardless of hygiene, sanitation or safe, clean water. A 2004 rotavirus epidemic in Guatemala infected over 24,000 people and caused the death of 140. And while I'm working to increase the effective treatment of diarrheal disease, it would be a huge impact to reduce the burden of cases caused by rotavirus -- preventing this…

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