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Donovanosis: Why This Is Called A ‘Flesh Eating’ Sexually Transmitted Infection

Typically, you want to keep anything labeled as “flesh-eating” as far away from your genitals as possible. That’s true whether you are dealing with flesh-eating piranhas, flesh-eating politicians, flesh-eating underwear, or the “flesh-eating” sexually transmitted infection (STI) known as donovanosis. The word “donovanosis” may look like an oasis created by Donovan. But instead donovanosis is caused by a bacteria named Klebsiella granulomatis that can progressively destroy your genital tissue.

Do we have your attention yet? Well, donovanosis, otherwise known as granuloma inguinale, has been getting some attention in the U.K. of late. That’s because Robbie Purves writing for Birmingham…

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Last Updated : Monday, October 25, 2021