No one reports trichomoniasis, so we don’t have good data - Charlotte A. Gaydos Dr.PH MPH


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STDs: Don't Put Your Sexual Health in Jeopardy

It's the final round of Jeopardy and Alex Trebek gives the following clue: "With 3.7 million new and existing cases each year, this sexually transmitted disease (STD) is the most common, curable STD in the United States."

When the famous jingle stops and the lights come on, Trebek moves to contestant #1 who confidently answers, "What is chlamydia?" "Wrong," proclaims Trebek, as he moves to the next contestant who ventures, "What is gonorrhea?" "Wrong again," says Trebek as he moves on to the third. "What is trichomoniasis?" "Congratulations, you're today's winner!" exclaims Trebek as the two other contestants watch in stunned silence.

This episode is a fantasy, of…

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