Lemierre's Syndrome

Modern physicians have “forgotten” this disease - Wen-Sen Lee

Lemierre's Syndrome

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Let’s talk Lemierre’s!

Historically the mortality of Lemierre’s was 90%, but even today it can be up to 15%, which is pretty significant. Part of that risk is that this is a tough diagnosis to make and usually requires a few visits to the healthcare system before a diagnosis is made. So we have to have a high index of suspicion!

What should we be looking for?

Patients presenting with neck or throat pain that is unilateral, as well as signs of infection such as swelling and fevers.

THEN… add to this some evidence of systemic spread.

And here’s the big clue: 97% have septic emboli to the lungs! So look for pneumonia, especially if there are multiple foci.


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Last Updated : Wednesday, April 14, 2021