Hispanics & Covid-19

We realized that it must be how Latinos live and work that’s driving these disparities - Eva Galvez

Hispanics & Covid-19
Hispanics & Covid-19

image by: Latino Coalition Against Covid-19

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Hispanic Americans are most vulnerable to covid-19

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, racial minorities were three times as likely to be hospitalised with covid-19 as whites in 2020. Why? Data scientists at a3.ai, a health-research group, analysed the insurance records of 14m patients in the Covid-19 Research Database, 380,000 of whom were diagnosed with the virus, to disentangle the causes for The Economist. Those racial inequities persist even after controlling for socioeconomic factors. But one notable finding is that Hispanic Americans were the most vulnerable group.

This analysis has limitations. Only those who filed a medical claim with covid-19 as the diagnosis are listed as having the disease. This…

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 Hispanic Americans are most vulnerable to covid-19

Researchers still do not understand why.

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