It is being used now, and is modifying the disease trajectory in the highest risk people - Paul Griffin


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Omicron overpowers key COVID antibody treatments in early tests

Sotrovimab is the best of the lot. Even so, the concentration required to halve viral replication was roughly three times higher for Omicron than for other coronavirus variants.

Although sotrovimab’s drop in potency against the new variant is significant, says Stuart Turville, a virologist at the Kirby Institute in Sydney, Australia, and a co-author of one of the preprints, “it’s nothing like what we saw for the others”. That might be because sotrovimab targets a part of the spike protein that is unchanged across many related coronaviruses.

Source: Max Kozlov, Excerpt from Omicron overpowers key COVID antibody treatments in early tests, Nature, December 21, 2021.

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 Omicron overpowers key COVID antibody treatments in early tests

Nearly all of the monoclonal antibodies used to prevent severe disease fail to stand up to the new variant, laboratory assays show.

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